Watching the moonrise through the twisted, crooked branches of the bare peach tree in the back yard through my bedroom window, I feel a tug at my soul; the open calls me.The bars on my window resemble the bars on a cage and behind my door is the three headed dog that’s holding me captive here.

I’m not meant for the cookie cutter life that is bred into to us by the government from a young age, my earth purpose calls me and beckons me to break free from my prison of concrete towers, battery powered souls and oil rivers. It whispers in my ear late at night, the formula to ease my wounded soul; smells of fresh grass, clean air, tall trees, the feel of bark beneath my hands and rain upon my face, the relief of having nowhere to go and nothing to do but live free.

I yearn for that antidote but will have to remain poisoned until my time for freedom comes. 

The Goddess knows what to do 🌻