Hi, this is gonna be a bit of a personal post just to update you on the really cool opportunity I had yesterday. 

The local museum had a reopening and gave myself and a friend of mine the privilege to be the opening act for their reopening. Unfortunately the friend flaked and the night before we were set to perform my friend, Dwayne, came up for me. In less than half an hour he had the chords down and the next morning we had to rush through practicing and eventually we had the lyrics and the song down perfectly

The manager of the museum is a wonderful human being and calmed our nerves after listening to us and the staff were very supportive. It was mine and Dwayne’s first time performing in front of people but we were so nervous when the time came we actually forgot the words but that was met with applause and a demand for a redo from the crowd. The support from the onlookers gave us the confidence to start over and hit every chord and lyric with perfection. 

As a thank you the manager has given us a chance to get free recording time in a professional studio and have 150 CD’s made to get us started.