Hello all ye Southern Hemisphere witches, happy belated Imbolc. 🌼

With school and my busy schedule it’s a miracle that I got to enjoy it at all, only had time for a small ritual and being in favour of ceremonial rituals I wasn’t too happy but it sufficed.

I held the tea candle between my pointer finger and thumb, striking the lighter as slowly as possible to keep it from waking my grandmother and little brother. The scraping of the flint bounced off the walls and echoed around my room. I held my breath and listened carefully ; the house creaked but no one stirred.

I brushed the hair from my face and put the flame to the candle wick, the wax melted off of the cotton and the candle burnt. The protective incense burnt in the corner of my room and a cold wind drifted around my room. Thus the ritual has begun.

Hope to have plenty more Sabbats to celebrate with fellow wiccans in future. 💖

Blessed be. 🔮