Hi babies ✨
Thought I would talk about how I came to be on this witchy path I presently walk in this post. 🤘🏼

Witchcraft has always been a big part of my family history and although it wasn’t openly discussed among us it was always acknowledged and we all knew that, between myself, my brother and my cousins, on of us would inherit a gift. Passed down every second generation is a hereditary witchy talent and although it hasn’t shown itself among us yet I am still hoping that I will be the one to receive it. 

When I was 12 I was very much aware of the Wiccan path that was promised to him/her with the gift and I was very much hoping it would be me so I read into it a lot and romanticized the idea of magick to the point where I would sit and imagine myself doing magick with a coven for hours. I met a friend in aftercare who told me about how he found a chest in his mothers room filled with books, tarot cards and all other tools associated with the occult and with much persuasion I managed to convince him to borrow me some of his books. One of them were by Silver Ravenwolf and I think it was called “To ride a silver broomstick” or something and my mother would photocopy papers for me to put into a book of shadows that I started and that’s where it all started. My family was very supportive of my antics and even though passers by who saw me reading the books or friends who I spoke to about it would give my silent judgy looks I was very much proud of my path choice.

I live in this little town where everyone is strictly Christian and extremely small minded when it comes to anything that isn’t explained in the bible so the books were confiscated and I was very much discouraged by teachers and those in higher authority from practicing but, being the stubborn child I was, it didn’t hinder me from my path.

Ever since then my thirst for knowledge on the subject just increased and the more I learnt the more I wanted to learn. That led to online reading, talking to wiccans from other countries who practiced other traditions of Wicca and hundreds of books on the subject. I have dabbled in many forms of occultism and such and my knowledge of magick and spirituality has been expanded immensely, to this day I continue to grow. 

My path is a good one and I am very much committed to the craft. 🍃

Hope to hear your stories in the comments and if you have any questions feel free to ask. 🌙

Blessed be, babies… ğŸŒğŸŒğŸŒŽ