Hi babies ✨

Reincarnation, heaven, hell or the Summerlands; there are a million different ideals on what happens after death in every religion and culture around the world and I can’t even begin to mention them all, but most of them fall around the same basic belief.

I have seen many of those close to me devastated about the loss of a loved one, I have witnessed complete strangers falling apart at the seams when someone close to them dies and I have heard the phrase “at least they are in a better place” overused and repeated to those in mourning. Yet here I am, never lost a family member or friend and never been to a funeral… Ever.

Most of the worlds population has based where you end up after death on your actions and the way you lived your life. Claiming those who lived a so called “sinful” life to be condemned to this said Hell and those who lived a life that appeared to be righteous were given everlasting bliss in Heaven. Many believe in reincarnation and personally so do I…

I have never liked the idea of an entity giving life to physical forms and allowing them to make their own conscious decisions with consequences to their actions and then, based on how you lived, deciding whether your soul suffers or thrives for eternity in the afterlife.

My belief of what happens after death summed up is basically this: 
Once your body has given in, your soul is sent to the Summerland to rest before you are put in a new vessel and given another chance to reach whatever the standards of perfection for eternal rest are. I do not know what this standard is and I’m sure only the Lord and the Lady themselves know; I have been asked questions along the lines of that before and I have thought about it but I have just accepted it as one of the many unexplained mysteries that we ourselves can’t answer simply because no one knows for sure.

The idea of reincarnation makes more sense as there are many people who have mental scars from past lives and some people who are lucky enough to even have memories from things that have happened and who they were, the accuracy of these “memories” had me thinking: How could it not be true?

Although I accept there are many other possibilities, I am not easily swayed on my thoughts on what happens when we pass on and when my time comes I will peacefully accept the form of existence the Goddess will give me or the alternate plane that my soul will rest in. If the divine can give us the beauty of the earth then I can’t wait to see the beauty of what awaits beyond this reality. ✨

Comment your thoughts on death below, would love to hear them.💖

Blessed be, all ye baby witches.
(Be well and mourn ye fill if there are any readers in mourning 🍃)