Hey lovelies 🎀

So I have decided to redo this post as last time I ended up getting sidetracked and discussing everything but the topic I went out to write about. 😂
Being out of the broom closet seemed to be impossible considering all the major factors that prevented my coming out, for example the small minded Christian people who judged anyone different and the atheists who felt the need to criticize anyone who believed in something. In this town there is no in between and being stuck here for so long I just held my tongue and claimed athiest when asked about my religious beliefs.

This went on for about 5 years and being terrified of being criticized and outcasted by friends, as well as acquaintances, I just accepted that I would be in the broom closet forever. That all changed when I met my current boyfriend, let’s call him JimBob for the sake of his own protection 😉 (jokes), I kept my little secret from him for about 5 months and after much inner conflict I decided that he was trustworthy enough to let in on my little secret identity. Little Miss Witch. 

This was a big step for me as I had never spoken about it before to anyone so I had no idea what his reaction would be and the first thing I expected was for him to yell: “witch”, and for the townspeople to grab their pitchforks and burn me at the stake. 😂 

So after much persuasion he managed to get it out of me, which was surprisingly much harder than  the usual movie come out: “guess what, I’m a witch!” Finding the words took time but eventually I was excitedly telling him all about ‘The Craft’ and eagerly answering all of his questions. (Internally giggling at his perceived view on witchcraft.) I was happy about the fact that he took it so well and seemed genuinely interested in it, it made me a lot more confident about being open about being Wiccan and I think that if I hadn’t told him I would still be in the closet today.

Over the span of the next two years I slowly came out to my closest friends and they all took it really well and had less trouble accepting it than I thought they would. I might have received some skeptical looks from some, but at that point I was too proud and excited about finally telling them to care. 

It took a while for me to be comfortable telling people, but eventually when people would ask me what I believe in I would tell them I was Wiccan; and from taking a step out of the closet I found out that many of my not so close friends were also Wiccan or something along the lines and even a few were interested in the craft and began the path themselves, taking me as their teacher. 

There are still a few people who I meet and feel that they wouldn’t be as accepting, but I don’t regret telling the people I told and I am a proud Pagan Wiccan.

I am eager to talk to anyone who is willing about it and love hearing other people’s thoughts on it and teaching others, all of which would not be possible if I had remained in the closet. 

If you have a cool coming out story or want to share why you’re in or out of the closet then comment below or DM on Twitter as I would love to hear about it 🌻
Hope my story inspired any baby witches to come out of the closet ✨

Blessed be, babies! 💖🎀

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