Malignant remains left to decompose in the molten sun.
A smell so putrid only the dispairing draw near,
dirty claws pick at rotting remains.
Thin, bony bodies bent in forms no beast should bend,
snapping and baring teeth as more disfigured approach.
Threatening to evade their repugnant bounty.
Rotten flesh falls from eroded, bloody teeth;
few will leave with hearts still beating.
Weak jaws break through skeletal remains,
ripping through the silence.
Disquet alarms alert ears and a
gruesome frenzy erupts almost instantaneously.
Aggressive, mirthless and sickening to watch.
Evident spines contort painfully and fragile starving bodies become murderous instruments.

Claws tear at thin, sun tattered skin.
Frail figures on the brink of death, rip life from the vulnurable cadaver of their opposers.
Faces contorted into nightmares,
thick scarlet ooze climbing from fresh wounds.
Mirroring the animals fed on.
Anguished, broken screeches go ignored;
remorse has no place here.
The primitive nature behind the false identity unmistakable,
humanity no longer dwells in what is now the fading shell of men.
There where thoughts once dwelled is black souled instinct.
There where subconscious once softened sit the broken, brittle remains of a ribcage;
holding cold, barely beating heart.
They are nothing but the eternally starving decay of the once living.
No life was lost here;
for life to be lost it had to be present.
Drained along with all humanity.

Into the night, the fatally injured but still breathing, retreat to lick their lingering open wounds.
The mangled corpses that remain grow cold.
Blood dries and flies nest in a form unrecognizable as a body.

Rosy cheeked, round and heavy of breath,
each movement a struggle.
Spying the mess in the morning sun.
The pigs mutter disgusted.
Filled to the brim with the pleasures they had gorged.
Tossing another carcass next to their previous.

Hope you guys like it, I wrote it in like 2 hours so it’s not the best but I hope you get the visual image …