Good morning, babies 🌻

With Beltane coming up for us Southern Hemisphere witches and Halloween for you witchies up in the Northern Hemisphere , I thought it would be a good time to do this post.

The more I studied the wheel of the year the more I began to actually understand it; not just remember what I learnt and read, but actually understand how it all unfolds and how the seasons melt into one another and what each season meant to the divine. I found myself lost in endless thought of this beautiful loop of life and realizing exactly how magickal it all is.

Beltane, the time of year when the God reaches manhood and the Goddess and God are joined in handfasting. I feel the cold breath of death slowly slipping away, the earth wakes up from its long rest and I watch the blossoms make way for the full fruits of the summer. The Goddess falls pregnant this time of year and as she blooms and her belly grows I watch the days become longer and the colors brighter, I feel the vibrancy of the pregnant Mother all around me in the plants and animals.

Litha, the longest day of the year, a celebration of the Sun’s powers at their peak and summer is felt everywhere. The beautiful bonfire that is lit on this day is dull compared to the blazing light of the God above. The cold of the winter is long forgotten and celebrations of fertility and the fruitfulness of the earth can be felt in the air. It is a joyous day, but I can’t help but mourn. The days hereafter begin to grow shorter and summer slowly begins to reach its end.

Lammas, the early harvest, this time of year the summer comes to an end and marks the beginning of the beautiful tones of the Autumn. The God falls ill and slowly loses his strength; and the pregnant Goddess prepares for mourning. Still there is celebration for the coming birth of the child of the Goddess. The feast helps raise spirits and the cold winter approaches and the harvest is always a good one. The nights slowly grow longer and the sun spends less time in the sky than in the long summer months.

Mabon, the autumn equinox and final harvest, the day and night are of equal length and winter approaches quicker after this day. The Lord begins to prepare for his upcoming death and an unmistakable heaviness is in the air as the joys of the summer fade. The vibrant greens are almost completely gone, the trees begin to sleep and the plants die off quicker as winter approaches. The Goddess begins to mourn for the loss of the God.

Samhain, the day of the dead, this day marks the death of the God. The veil between the dead and the living is at its thinnest as the God passes into the after life, communicating with those on the other side is easiest on this night. Everything is still and there are no traces of the bright spring flowers or vibrant summer colours. All is dull and a gloomy air hangs about, one can feel the Goddess morning the loss of her beloved. Her sadness sweeps across the town and the earth mourns with her. Yet it is almost time for her to give birth to her unborn child. This is also a very important day for witches, marking the day of the witches’ New Year.

Yule, the longest night of the year, the Goddess finally gives birth and the God is reborn. Gifts are given to celebrate the beautiful gift of life that the Goddess has given the earth. The days lengthen and the burning of the Yule log reminds me that the days following will slowly grow longer as spring begins to approach and the sun is reborn just as the God is. My spirits lighten as I the days grow warmer, I remember that soon the cold will be replaced by warm spring breezes and beautiful flowers, bringing sweet scents with it.

Candlemas, renewing fertility of the earth, at this time the Goddess recovers from the difficult childbirth and the God has grown into a small child since his rebirth at Yule. I become impatient, it feels as though spring will never arrive and I eagerly await the warmth of the waking of the earth. Some of the trees show signs of blossoming, reassuring me that spring is still coming. Seeds are blessed to prepare for the bursts of life that soon follow. Helping contribute to the reawakening of the earth. Slowly the Goddess becomes well and the God grows strong and healthy with the earth.

Ostara, the spring equinox and renewed fertility, the day and night are of equal duration and the days will only get warmer from this day on. The God and Goddess are both young and as the flowers bloom and trees awaken, they begin to wonder about one another. The days grow longer and the God and Goddess will soon be hand fasted. Allowing for the Goddess to fall pregnant as the earth becomes fertile. The air is filled with celebration as the warmer days approach and it appears that the green trees and blossoms appeared almost over night. 

Watching the wheel turn has become an incredibly spiritual experience for me, I can feel and literally see the divine journey that deity is on and, regardless of how many times it happens, each time is just as magickal as the last.
What does the wheel of the year mean to you? Feel free to comment your views below or DM me on Twitter: @amongthewildflo

Hope you found this post insightful and I hope, if you can’t yet, that you are able to see the wheel of the year in the same light I do. 

Blessed be, witchlings 🎃✨