Scorching tongues of orange and blue lick at the dry bodies of the tall, spined trees.
The smell of singed fur and and the sound of hooves hitting dirt are barely audible through the crackling of burning forest.
Mewls of terror ring out through the forest as the wall of fire sweeps through the foliage.
Consuming the forest floor and skyward canopy, devouring all and leaving a steaming mess of charred forest graveyard behind it.
Roaring through the greenery the hooves are stilled by the flames. 
The blistering, searing wall engulfs the seemingly indestructible towers of trees.
Leaving nothing but burnt carcassas and scorched timber behind. 
When the final embers are extinguished by the morning dew, the only evidence of the fire that raged is the steaming bark and ashen air, burning the lungs of birds flying overhead.
The once magnificent, emphatic wall of holocaust that terrorized the woodlands overnight burnt out in mere seconds but the damage remaining would take decades to rebuild.