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Hello South African witchies 🍂

Due to a series of unfortunate events I have left the town of Parys and I’m currently staying with my dad in Cape Town. I am sorry for not posting for so long, but The holiday has been tiring and a lot has been happening in my personal life which I might be posting about later on. 

But all negativity aside I am really loving Cape Town and if there is anyone currently staying in the area be sure to comment below and I would love to meet pagans or wiccans in the area.


By the fern brake, deep and shady, There I met an elfin lady. Dressed in cobweb silk and flowers, There she whiled away the hours, Waiting until dark. On the soft green moss beside her, Lay a baby wrapped in eider. Skin so fair and hair like midnight, The lady watched the coming twilight, Waiting till ’twas dark. Silently, I sat beside her, Hoping for some words to gather In my numb and startled mind. Said the lady, “You’re most kind to wait with me till dark.” “Are you lost?” I asked lady. “Is this your home, this fern brake shady? Will others come by star and Moon?” She only smiled, began to croon To the elfin child. The baby slept. The lady told me Deep magic of the Earth and Sea. Spells she whispered, strong and old. “Use them well,” she said. “Be bold When spelling in the night” “Can I work these?” The lady smiled, Gathered up her sleeping child. “Oh yes,” she answered,” Tis a boon For waiting with me till the Moon Slips up the sky.” Thinking deep, I sat beside her, Keeping watch. I heard the rider Corning through the fern brake shady. “Are you there, my lovely lady?” Called an elfin voice. An elfin lord, his clothes all viney, Armed with sword and dagger shiny, Rode his horse into the fern brake. Then my heart began to quake On seeing his dark eyes. Twilight gathered; birds were still. The Moon came up above the hill. Suddenly I felt alone. “Have no fear, for you have sown Good friendship.n The lady smiled and raised her hand. Upon her brow a shining band Glistened by the light of Moon. “Would you too give forth a boon?” She asked her lord. “For here is friend, a watcher bold.” “But they are enemies of old,” The elf lord answered. “No,” she said, “But guarded us in this fern bed.” He smiled. “So there are some who wish us well.” His voice was like a distant bell. A ring he took from off his hand. “This will tune you to the land and magic.” Its stone was pale, just like the Moon. The air was filled with eldritch tune, As they mounted, lord and lady, Rode off through the fern brake shady. I stood alone. People say elves are not there. But I have heard their voices fair, When I sit down in the brake. Magic spells I’ve learned to make All from the lady. Elf lord’s ring is on my hand To help with magic from the land. Sometimes I talk with lord and lady In the fern brake, deep and shady, Secretly. Is there magic? For me ’tis so. For when the sun is sinking low, I feel Earth’s power within my heart And know that I shall never part From the lord and lady. 

ELVES by D. J. Conway 

Scorching tongues of orange and blue lick at the dry bodies of the tall, spined trees.
The smell of singed fur and and the sound of hooves hitting dirt are barely audible through the crackling of burning forest.
Mewls of terror ring out through the forest as the wall of fire sweeps through the foliage.
Consuming the forest floor and skyward canopy, devouring all and leaving a steaming mess of charred forest graveyard behind it.
Roaring through the greenery the hooves are stilled by the flames. 
The blistering, searing wall engulfs the seemingly indestructible towers of trees.
Leaving nothing but burnt carcassas and scorched timber behind. 
When the final embers are extinguished by the morning dew, the only evidence of the fire that raged is the steaming bark and ashen air, burning the lungs of birds flying overhead.
The once magnificent, emphatic wall of holocaust that terrorized the woodlands overnight burnt out in mere seconds but the damage remaining would take decades to rebuild.

50 things I would tell my 14 year old self ✨

Hi babies ☀️

I thought it would be cool if I did a post on the 50 things I would tell me 14 year old self if I had the chance. Seeing as I wasn’t a smart 14 year old, this might be interesting. 🌝

  1. Stay away from boys!
  2. Don’t cry so much.
  3. When people talk about you behind your back don’t even pay any mind to them because you find out that they aren’t exactly saints later on.
  4. Don’t do what others tell you to do.
  5. When you are pressured into doing drugs at 16 say no, it sucks.
  6. Don’t let what people say change how you feel about yourself.
  7. Be nicer to your brother, he might turn out to be less of a jerk.
  8. When your mom starts a fight  with you don’t entertain it.
  9. Don’t let that jerky guy take advantage of you.
  10. Don’t know if I should give you a list of the boys you shouldn’t date but just don’t date any of them.
  11. Practice walking in high heels, you’re gonna wish you knew how to when you’re 18.
  12. Embrace your weirdness, people actually start to like you for it.
  13. Afrikaans people aren’t all Satan.
  14. Eat as many twinkies as you can, you don’t have access to them in the near future.
  15. Don’t overfeed Senpai.
  16. Give him loads of exercise.
  17. Orgasms will be blessing soon don’t worry, but it won’t be from guys. Left is best.
  18. Bleach your hair! You won’t regret it!
  19. Don’t miss out on your matric farewell, you will regret it.
  20. Go to every party you are invited to, they actually end up being fun and you missed out.
  21. Get your learners done ASAP.
  22. Be really nice to the mean girls, they are fake af and will appreciate your falseness.
  23. Quit smoking!!
  24. When nice guys ask you out don’t say no coz they don’t like rock music.
  25. Don’t do stupid stuff to make people think you’re deep and tortured!!!
  26. When you open that Biology text book in grade 11 don’t switch to geography.
  27. Take art instead of tourism.
  28. Actually finish the paintings you start.
  29. Draw more, it will pay off. You have a secret talent.
  30. Also you will be a great poet, practice.
  31. Your essays in future are fire but use synonyms please. They make everything better.
  32. Stay away from vodka and don’t take more than 3 shots of Stroh Rum!
  33. Don’t put off celebrating sabbats. 
  34. Meditate and take it seriously please.
  35. Don’t buy shoes that are too big.
  36. Don’t be friends with anyone, wait for Clarissa she’s coming.
  37. Stop manipulating people, it’s bad.
  38. Don’t convince yourself that you like certain boys cause you feel like you should.
  39. Don’t get into fights, it’s unladylike.
  40. Skate! You will get good if you just stop letting people explain how to do it. General knowledge girl!
  41. Don’t put that beautiful brain to waste.
  42. Get as many piercings as you want and dye your hair cool colours.
  43. Take loads of selfies, you look good. 
  44. Lose the fringe, your hair will look cool when it’s all long.
  45. Don’t cut that fringe in matric!!
  46. Squat challenges are not needed, you don’t need some boy telling you your ass is too flat, it’s cute.
  47. Eat anything and everything.
  48. Sex isn’t that great. Wait till you’re out of school okay, it will save you a lot of trouble.
  49. Get a good skin care routine.
  50. Wear crop tops! You’re not too skinny and you’re a grunge queen!

I think that basically covers most of it and I wish that I would have been smarter back then, but no regrets! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Blessed be, witchies 🔮

My kind of people 🐝 

Hey, babies 🌙

I have been doing a lot of random posts lately, the reason being I have writers block and I just don’t know what to write about so here is yet another useless post about stuff I wouldn’t even read about other people. 😂😂

I title this post “what type of people attract me

I am really good at reading people and can tell exactly what a person is like within the first few minutes of a conversation. I know enough about body language and speech patterns to know how a person is feeling, what their attitude towards me is and tell what type of person they are (personality traits are easy to pick up).

I am drawn to a person if they have the following traits: 

  • Maintaining eye contact during a conversation.
  • Have a sincere laugh (they have to find me funny or they’re crazy).
  • Share similar tastes in music.
  • Love food as much as I do.
  • Aren’t afraid of acting like a complete child.
  • Don’t mind me acting like a complete child.
  • Don’t ask me to buy them a drink when first meeting me (cause I’m a lady).

This is honestly such a random list but I think these are valid requirements for people I would have a fun time with. 😉😂

Blessed are those who read this entire post. 💖
Here’s a turtle for your dedication.🐢

Thanks to three whole days of vertigo and vomiting, this sick witch has put her magickal foot down.✨

Love 🌹

Hey, my beautiful readers 🐚

Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.

Despite watching every one of my mother’s relationships falter, hearing all about the abusive marriage my grandmother had been trapped in most of her life and my own numerous bad relationship experiences; my naive little self has always been eager for the romanticized perception of the idea of love. The sugar coated, unrealistic rom-com’s; the beautiful captivating stories of lovers in romance novels; and that really old couple that you see walking down the street hand in hand, smiling as if they have just been in love forever and never had any problems.. Ever…

Most of my childhood and early teen years I did what most young girls do: watch movies about how the princess gets rescued by the tall, tan, dark haired man in the big shiny metal suit. Then sit and fantasize about my future Prince Charming and when I finally decided I was old enough to have my first boyfriend and begin hunting for my shiny man, 14 year old me unknowingly began a never ending cycle of eagerly selected (but poorly chosen) pimply faced, teenage boys. My poor taste didn’t just stop at looks; since then I have had an abusive boyfriend, 2 overly possessive psychotic wonders, a handful of cheating manipulative keepers and a few more compulsive liars. Unfortunately for me I jumped from one puppy-love heartbreak to the next, set out to find the best in the worst people, which might have left minor emotional scars and an extreme case of distrust in men. 

Convincing myself that I was in love became a nasty habit and every time I thought I had overcome this horrible aspect of myself, I found myself stuck in a relationship with someone I didn’t even like and struggling to get out of it. Trying to fix myself proved to be a lot more difficult then it was to get into the habit and I spent a lot of time hoping against hope that I wouldn’t suffer the same fate as my mother. 

In my hunt for true love I forgot to ask myself what love actually is. My unrealistic misconception of love might have been what led to all of my bad relationships with bad people (and I have no one else to thank but the media). If this is the case, who else has suffered with the same problematic relationships and confused emotions that I have (because of all these Disney movies telling us we need a man to be complete…) and not understanding what was wrong with me for not feeling emotion the way I thought I should.

In all honesty, my thoughts on love have basically been concluded to this: Love is being with your best friend; doing what friends would do: climbing mountains with him/her, wading beneath waterfalls and going paint balling; but it is also falling asleep in eachothers’ arms and him/her kissing you goodnight. There is no need for reassurance because you know this person is going to be by your side through it all.

I have yet to meet someone who I can feel this way with. I might not be in the right mental state to love ever but that shouldn’t stop anyone else from loving. ✨

Blessing to all of you on your love journey 🌻🌻

Blessed be, babies 🍃

The wheel of the year ☀️

Good morning, babies 🌻

With Beltane coming up for us Southern Hemisphere witches and Halloween for you witchies up in the Northern Hemisphere , I thought it would be a good time to do this post.

The more I studied the wheel of the year the more I began to actually understand it; not just remember what I learnt and read, but actually understand how it all unfolds and how the seasons melt into one another and what each season meant to the divine. I found myself lost in endless thought of this beautiful loop of life and realizing exactly how magickal it all is.

Beltane, the time of year when the God reaches manhood and the Goddess and God are joined in handfasting. I feel the cold breath of death slowly slipping away, the earth wakes up from its long rest and I watch the blossoms make way for the full fruits of the summer. The Goddess falls pregnant this time of year and as she blooms and her belly grows I watch the days become longer and the colors brighter, I feel the vibrancy of the pregnant Mother all around me in the plants and animals.

Litha, the longest day of the year, a celebration of the Sun’s powers at their peak and summer is felt everywhere. The beautiful bonfire that is lit on this day is dull compared to the blazing light of the God above. The cold of the winter is long forgotten and celebrations of fertility and the fruitfulness of the earth can be felt in the air. It is a joyous day, but I can’t help but mourn. The days hereafter begin to grow shorter and summer slowly begins to reach its end.

Lammas, the early harvest, this time of year the summer comes to an end and marks the beginning of the beautiful tones of the Autumn. The God falls ill and slowly loses his strength; and the pregnant Goddess prepares for mourning. Still there is celebration for the coming birth of the child of the Goddess. The feast helps raise spirits and the cold winter approaches and the harvest is always a good one. The nights slowly grow longer and the sun spends less time in the sky than in the long summer months.

Mabon, the autumn equinox and final harvest, the day and night are of equal length and winter approaches quicker after this day. The Lord begins to prepare for his upcoming death and an unmistakable heaviness is in the air as the joys of the summer fade. The vibrant greens are almost completely gone, the trees begin to sleep and the plants die off quicker as winter approaches. The Goddess begins to mourn for the loss of the God.

Samhain, the day of the dead, this day marks the death of the God. The veil between the dead and the living is at its thinnest as the God passes into the after life, communicating with those on the other side is easiest on this night. Everything is still and there are no traces of the bright spring flowers or vibrant summer colours. All is dull and a gloomy air hangs about, one can feel the Goddess morning the loss of her beloved. Her sadness sweeps across the town and the earth mourns with her. Yet it is almost time for her to give birth to her unborn child. This is also a very important day for witches, marking the day of the witches’ New Year.

Yule, the longest night of the year, the Goddess finally gives birth and the God is reborn. Gifts are given to celebrate the beautiful gift of life that the Goddess has given the earth. The days lengthen and the burning of the Yule log reminds me that the days following will slowly grow longer as spring begins to approach and the sun is reborn just as the God is. My spirits lighten as I the days grow warmer, I remember that soon the cold will be replaced by warm spring breezes and beautiful flowers, bringing sweet scents with it.

Candlemas, renewing fertility of the earth, at this time the Goddess recovers from the difficult childbirth and the God has grown into a small child since his rebirth at Yule. I become impatient, it feels as though spring will never arrive and I eagerly await the warmth of the waking of the earth. Some of the trees show signs of blossoming, reassuring me that spring is still coming. Seeds are blessed to prepare for the bursts of life that soon follow. Helping contribute to the reawakening of the earth. Slowly the Goddess becomes well and the God grows strong and healthy with the earth.

Ostara, the spring equinox and renewed fertility, the day and night are of equal duration and the days will only get warmer from this day on. The God and Goddess are both young and as the flowers bloom and trees awaken, they begin to wonder about one another. The days grow longer and the God and Goddess will soon be hand fasted. Allowing for the Goddess to fall pregnant as the earth becomes fertile. The air is filled with celebration as the warmer days approach and it appears that the green trees and blossoms appeared almost over night. 

Watching the wheel turn has become an incredibly spiritual experience for me, I can feel and literally see the divine journey that deity is on and, regardless of how many times it happens, each time is just as magickal as the last.
What does the wheel of the year mean to you? Feel free to comment your views below or DM me on Twitter: @amongthewildflo

Hope you found this post insightful and I hope, if you can’t yet, that you are able to see the wheel of the year in the same light I do. 

Blessed be, witchlings 🎃✨

Meeting new people 🙋🏼

Hi fellow socially impaired humanoids 🤖 

Meeting new people is mildly hard for me, without the help of a little liquid confidence (the alcoholic sort) I probably wouldn’t know half the people I know today. Growing up I was really shy and had one friend throughout the seven years of my primary school career. Then my socially awkward self was sent off to high school in a different town where I didn’t know anyone and I struggled immensly to fit in. Trying to find my way around a new school proved to be much harder than I thought, especially since I was too scared to ask anyone for help. All the children in my grade had basically been friends with eachother since they were in diapers and I stuck out like a sore thumb, I didn’t speak to anyone and when we were placed into our classes my 8th Grade classmates decided they wanted to talk to the new girl. I faintly recall being asked my name and my response was a shy smile, big red face and discovering I was suddenly mute with fear. One of the boys, let’s call him Jim, who I am still in the same class as (and we can’t stand eachother), gave me the nickname Smiley and it stuck for about a half the year. Then slowly faded as my irritation for their immaturity grew and I didn’t bother to hide it. I made one friend that year and it went south very fast, something to do with boys (which I had no interest in at that stage) and from there rumors were spread and kind of rocket launched downwards and I was forced to face the hardships that was bullying. Eventually it got so bad that I was forced to stand up for myself and I am glad that it happened, if it wasn’t for them pushing me to breaking point I would still be holding my tongue and letting people walk all over me. I remember being cornered by most half of my grade, including the familiar faces of my classmates, and finally fighting back as opposed to the usual cry and hide in the bathrooms for the days following. It felt good and gave me the confidence to finally find my voice and it nudged me in the right direction. I finally found myself able to approach people and as such started talking to the school rebels that smoked cigarettes on the sports field during break and smoked pot at my bus stop after school. They were seniors and I was the most junior of the juniors and we vibed like a house on fire, so they took me under their wing and even though their image was bad they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. 

Through them I met more people and my social anxiety had lessened to the point of, almost, nonexistence. Even though there were a few bad folks, all the beautifully minded people I met kind of outweighed the bad.

Anxiety rears its ugly head at times (usually when I have to speak on the phone or speaking to staff at restaurants), but I find it a lot easier to talk to strangers now. I can’t start conversations easily but I sure as hell can keep someone brave enough to talk to me entertained.✨

Hope my story awoke the brave soul within your anxious self 💖

Blessed be, babies 🍃

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