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Creative Pagan Wiccan and soon to be world explorer.


Malignant remains left to decompose in the molten sun.
A smell so putrid only the dispairing draw near,
dirty claws pick at rotting remains.
Thin, bony bodies bent in forms no beast should bend,
snapping and baring teeth as more disfigured approach.
Threatening to evade their repugnant bounty.
Rotten flesh falls from eroded, bloody teeth;
few will leave with hearts still beating.
Weak jaws break through skeletal remains,
ripping through the silence.
Disquet alarms alert ears and a
gruesome frenzy erupts almost instantaneously.
Aggressive, mirthless and sickening to watch.
Evident spines contort painfully and fragile starving bodies become murderous instruments.

Claws tear at thin, sun tattered skin.
Frail figures on the brink of death, rip life from the vulnurable cadaver of their opposers.
Faces contorted into nightmares,
thick scarlet ooze climbing from fresh wounds.
Mirroring the animals fed on.
Anguished, broken screeches go ignored;
remorse has no place here.
The primitive nature behind the false identity unmistakable,
humanity no longer dwells in what is now the fading shell of men.
There where thoughts once dwelled is black souled instinct.
There where subconscious once softened sit the broken, brittle remains of a ribcage;
holding cold, barely beating heart.
They are nothing but the eternally starving decay of the once living.
No life was lost here;
for life to be lost it had to be present.
Drained along with all humanity.

Into the night, the fatally injured but still breathing, retreat to lick their lingering open wounds.
The mangled corpses that remain grow cold.
Blood dries and flies nest in a form unrecognizable as a body.

Rosy cheeked, round and heavy of breath,
each movement a struggle.
Spying the mess in the morning sun.
The pigs mutter disgusted.
Filled to the brim with the pleasures they had gorged.
Tossing another carcass next to their previous.

Hope you guys like it, I wrote it in like 2 hours so it’s not the best but I hope you get the visual image …


Things I fancy doing 🍁

Hi lovelies 🎀

I live in a really tiny town and not much happens here. Okay correction, nothing ever happens here and the few times I am able to get out of this quaint, little town I always end up stuck at someone else’s and surprisingly the towns surrounding mine are just as dead as mine. I am hopefully leaving in December to begin my adult life and I thought it would be fitting to maybe celebrate my new found freedom with a few things that I have always wanted to do.
Here is my tiny bucket list.

> Taking an art class, painting or drawing. Anything along the lines.
> Perform in front of a large group of people (conquering my stage fright once and for all).
> Sleep in a tree, whether it’s a tree house or a cozy looking tree platform.
> Buy a bus ticket to anywhere, not look at the ticket and basically take myself on a surprise trip to only the ticket seller where.
> Hike up a beautiful mountain picnic and camp on top of it then hike down.
> Go to a water park and wear a bikini in public for the first time (body positivity!!).
> Ride a roller coaster and keep my eyes open for at least 5 seconds (if I’m lucky, the entire ride, and maybe even put my arms in the air instead of tensing them to my sides in fear).
> Go to at least 3 festivals all involving loads of colours, loads of lights and enough room for me to dance my toenails off.
> Get a tattoo, then more and slowly turn my body into a beautifully decorated temple.
> Make a best friend and loads more on the road.
> Fall in love, once, twice, a few time. Not just with people, but with places, cultures and animals.
> Watch the sunset from the beach (as I have never been before) and meditate on the sand beneath the light of the full moon.

This concludes the basic list of the first few things I want to do, if you have any cool ideas I could add to my bucket list then comment below or DM me on Twitter: @amongthewildflo 🌻

Blessed be, babies 🍃

Out of the broom closet 🔮🗝

Hey lovelies 🎀

So I have decided to redo this post as last time I ended up getting sidetracked and discussing everything but the topic I went out to write about. 😂
Being out of the broom closet seemed to be impossible considering all the major factors that prevented my coming out, for example the small minded Christian people who judged anyone different and the atheists who felt the need to criticize anyone who believed in something. In this town there is no in between and being stuck here for so long I just held my tongue and claimed athiest when asked about my religious beliefs.

This went on for about 5 years and being terrified of being criticized and outcasted by friends, as well as acquaintances, I just accepted that I would be in the broom closet forever. That all changed when I met my current boyfriend, let’s call him JimBob for the sake of his own protection 😉 (jokes), I kept my little secret from him for about 5 months and after much inner conflict I decided that he was trustworthy enough to let in on my little secret identity. Little Miss Witch. 

This was a big step for me as I had never spoken about it before to anyone so I had no idea what his reaction would be and the first thing I expected was for him to yell: “witch”, and for the townspeople to grab their pitchforks and burn me at the stake. 😂 

So after much persuasion he managed to get it out of me, which was surprisingly much harder than  the usual movie come out: “guess what, I’m a witch!” Finding the words took time but eventually I was excitedly telling him all about ‘The Craft’ and eagerly answering all of his questions. (Internally giggling at his perceived view on witchcraft.) I was happy about the fact that he took it so well and seemed genuinely interested in it, it made me a lot more confident about being open about being Wiccan and I think that if I hadn’t told him I would still be in the closet today.

Over the span of the next two years I slowly came out to my closest friends and they all took it really well and had less trouble accepting it than I thought they would. I might have received some skeptical looks from some, but at that point I was too proud and excited about finally telling them to care. 

It took a while for me to be comfortable telling people, but eventually when people would ask me what I believe in I would tell them I was Wiccan; and from taking a step out of the closet I found out that many of my not so close friends were also Wiccan or something along the lines and even a few were interested in the craft and began the path themselves, taking me as their teacher. 

There are still a few people who I meet and feel that they wouldn’t be as accepting, but I don’t regret telling the people I told and I am a proud Pagan Wiccan.

I am eager to talk to anyone who is willing about it and love hearing other people’s thoughts on it and teaching others, all of which would not be possible if I had remained in the closet. 

If you have a cool coming out story or want to share why you’re in or out of the closet then comment below or DM on Twitter as I would love to hear about it 🌻
Hope my story inspired any baby witches to come out of the closet ✨

Blessed be, babies! 💖🎀

Twitter: @amongthewildflo

Death 🕯

Hi babies ✨

Reincarnation, heaven, hell or the Summerlands; there are a million different ideals on what happens after death in every religion and culture around the world and I can’t even begin to mention them all, but most of them fall around the same basic belief.

I have seen many of those close to me devastated about the loss of a loved one, I have witnessed complete strangers falling apart at the seams when someone close to them dies and I have heard the phrase “at least they are in a better place” overused and repeated to those in mourning. Yet here I am, never lost a family member or friend and never been to a funeral… Ever.

Most of the worlds population has based where you end up after death on your actions and the way you lived your life. Claiming those who lived a so called “sinful” life to be condemned to this said Hell and those who lived a life that appeared to be righteous were given everlasting bliss in Heaven. Many believe in reincarnation and personally so do I…

I have never liked the idea of an entity giving life to physical forms and allowing them to make their own conscious decisions with consequences to their actions and then, based on how you lived, deciding whether your soul suffers or thrives for eternity in the afterlife.

My belief of what happens after death summed up is basically this: 
Once your body has given in, your soul is sent to the Summerland to rest before you are put in a new vessel and given another chance to reach whatever the standards of perfection for eternal rest are. I do not know what this standard is and I’m sure only the Lord and the Lady themselves know; I have been asked questions along the lines of that before and I have thought about it but I have just accepted it as one of the many unexplained mysteries that we ourselves can’t answer simply because no one knows for sure.

The idea of reincarnation makes more sense as there are many people who have mental scars from past lives and some people who are lucky enough to even have memories from things that have happened and who they were, the accuracy of these “memories” had me thinking: How could it not be true?

Although I accept there are many other possibilities, I am not easily swayed on my thoughts on what happens when we pass on and when my time comes I will peacefully accept the form of existence the Goddess will give me or the alternate plane that my soul will rest in. If the divine can give us the beauty of the earth then I can’t wait to see the beauty of what awaits beyond this reality. ✨

Comment your thoughts on death below, would love to hear them.💖

Blessed be, all ye baby witches.
(Be well and mourn ye fill if there are any readers in mourning 🍃)

How I found my path 🌙

Hi babies ✨
Thought I would talk about how I came to be on this witchy path I presently walk in this post. 🤘🏼

Witchcraft has always been a big part of my family history and although it wasn’t openly discussed among us it was always acknowledged and we all knew that, between myself, my brother and my cousins, on of us would inherit a gift. Passed down every second generation is a hereditary witchy talent and although it hasn’t shown itself among us yet I am still hoping that I will be the one to receive it. 

When I was 12 I was very much aware of the Wiccan path that was promised to him/her with the gift and I was very much hoping it would be me so I read into it a lot and romanticized the idea of magick to the point where I would sit and imagine myself doing magick with a coven for hours. I met a friend in aftercare who told me about how he found a chest in his mothers room filled with books, tarot cards and all other tools associated with the occult and with much persuasion I managed to convince him to borrow me some of his books. One of them were by Silver Ravenwolf and I think it was called “To ride a silver broomstick” or something and my mother would photocopy papers for me to put into a book of shadows that I started and that’s where it all started. My family was very supportive of my antics and even though passers by who saw me reading the books or friends who I spoke to about it would give my silent judgy looks I was very much proud of my path choice.

I live in this little town where everyone is strictly Christian and extremely small minded when it comes to anything that isn’t explained in the bible so the books were confiscated and I was very much discouraged by teachers and those in higher authority from practicing but, being the stubborn child I was, it didn’t hinder me from my path.

Ever since then my thirst for knowledge on the subject just increased and the more I learnt the more I wanted to learn. That led to online reading, talking to wiccans from other countries who practiced other traditions of Wicca and hundreds of books on the subject. I have dabbled in many forms of occultism and such and my knowledge of magick and spirituality has been expanded immensely, to this day I continue to grow. 

My path is a good one and I am very much committed to the craft. 🍃

Hope to hear your stories in the comments and if you have any questions feel free to ask. 🌙

Blessed be, babies… 🌏🌍🌎

Eight Forms of Creating Potions


An infusion is a form of water based potion, similar to a tea, and best suited for immediate ingestion of delicate ingredients such leaves or petals. To make a magical infusion: pour boiling water over your ingredients in goblet and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently. Strain before drinking if necessary. The leaves in an infusion need to steep longer than your average herbal tea, to allow enough time to release their phytochemicals, which are the active ingredients of the potion.


A decoction is another water based potion designed for immediate ingestion. However, it is a more concentrated brew than an infusion and is usually reserved for tougher ingredients such as roots or bark – where prolonged stewing is needed to release the phytochemicals. A decoction can also be reduced, which is to say, it can be made more concentrated by prolonged simmering which evaporates the water. To make a decoction: simmer your ingredients in water in a cauldron over low heat for 10-30 minutes; then strain. Reduce if necessary with further simmering over a low heat.


A tincture is an alcohol based potion. It fulfills the same function as an infusion or decoction but with the added advantage that it will keep for up to a year. A tincture is suitable for both delicate leaves and tougher materials such as bark as the alcohol releases the chemicals very effectively and in a similar way to the prolonged simmering of a decoction. To make a tincture: steep your ingredients in vodka or another spirit for a week. This allows time for the alcohol to release the active elements in your plant materials. After a week, strain off the liquid into a vial and store for up to a year. Administer sparingly, a tablespoon at a time.


A vinegar fulfils the same purpose as a tincture except that vinegar is used instead of alcohol. Prepare your vinegar in the same manner as a tincture and store for up to a year. A vinegar is useful in the case of alcohol intolerance or where the herb used is particularly bitter as the vinegar will mask it to a great extent.


A syrup is the most palatable form of potion. Here magical ingredients are preserved in a sugar solution. A syrup is another potion that will keep for up to a year. It is best suited for occasional use at it is very sweet and could cause tooth decay if taken regularly. A syrup can be taken by the spoonful or alternatively diluter in water in a similar manner to a fruit squash. To make a syrup: first make an infusion or decoction of your ingredients and reduce if necessary. Strain and add sugar to the potion, stirring frequently, until the brew won’t dissolve any more sugar and resembles a syrup. Store in an airtight bottle in a cool, dark place.


A poultice is a wad of chopped plant material that is held in place directly over a wound by a bandage. To prepare a poultice: chop your fresh herb and apply directly to a wound or infection. Hold in place over the wound with a bandage. If using chopped dried herbs rehydrate them with some water first. If the herb is tough and hard to handle, try adding some vinegar diluter in water to your poultice.


Fomentations or compresses are cloths that have been dipped in an herbal solution – such as an infusion, decoction, or a tincture – and then are applied to a wound. To prepare a fomentation: first create the required infusion, decoction, or tincture. Then dip your cloth into the liquid, quite liberally, and apply. It is important to use a very clean cloth to prevent the spread of infection.


A salve is very similar to a lotion or a cream. Magical ingredients are mixed in base of oils or fats for external application to the skin.

Wicca encompasses your whole worldview and way of life, and is always there in the way you look at and interact with the world. Wicca is an experiential spiritual system of magick and ceremony that works with the divine as both Goddess and God, and emphasises growth through balance and discipline. This balance, be it of light and dark, feminine and masculine, or active and passive, acts as a dynamic tension to create harmony and enable the individual to progress in their development through understanding their relationship with themselves and the world around them. The celebration of the Goddess and God is at the heart of Wicca. The patron Goddess of Wicca is usually associated with the Moon, although she is also often seen as having stellar, terrestrial and chthonian forms. The patron God of Wicca is usually associated with forests, plants and animals; he is also sometimes seen as having solar and chthonian forms.

 [Extract from CIRCLE OF FIRE by Sorita D’Este & David Rankine] 

In dim abysses pulse the shapes of night,Hungry and hideous, with strange miters crowned;Black pinions beating in fantastic flightFrom orb to orb through soulless voids profound.None dares to name the cosmos whence they course,Or guess the look on each amorphous face,Or speak the words that with resistless forceWould draw them from the halls of outer space.Yet here upon a page our frightened glanceFinds monstrous forms no human eye should see;Hints of those blasphemies whose countenanceSpreads death and madness through infinity.What limnner he who braves black gulfs aloneAnd lives to wake their alien horrors known?

– H.P. Lovecraft 

Imbolc 🌺

Hello all ye Southern Hemisphere witches, happy belated Imbolc. 🌼

With school and my busy schedule it’s a miracle that I got to enjoy it at all, only had time for a small ritual and being in favour of ceremonial rituals I wasn’t too happy but it sufficed.

I held the tea candle between my pointer finger and thumb, striking the lighter as slowly as possible to keep it from waking my grandmother and little brother. The scraping of the flint bounced off the walls and echoed around my room. I held my breath and listened carefully ; the house creaked but no one stirred.

I brushed the hair from my face and put the flame to the candle wick, the wax melted off of the cotton and the candle burnt. The protective incense burnt in the corner of my room and a cold wind drifted around my room. Thus the ritual has begun.

Hope to have plenty more Sabbats to celebrate with fellow wiccans in future. 💖

Blessed be. 🔮

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